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A taste of France for Year 7

Posted on: June 10th 2016

NewsheaderWhat a full day and an exceptionally early start! We certainly had a variety of experiences on our day trip to France, including visits to a traditional sweet making shop in Berck, a snail farm and a town trail in Bologne, where we walked around the old part of the town and climbed the city walls. 

Our excursion to Berck proved to be a real treat, with students learning about the traditional way of making sweets and how sugar panes are used on film sets and in the theatre. They even had the chance to make their own lolly—needless to say that this was a real hit with the students!

Our final stop of the day was to the snail farm, where we were given a talk about the life cycle of snails and how they are kept. We also tasted snail pate, snails and homemade jam. I was amazed to see how many students were willing (and enjoyed) the snails, with quite a few of them having seconds and thirds! Many students volunteered to hold a snail and I think by the end of this very enjoyable visit quite a few of the students were wanting a snail for a pet (sorry parents!). Students had the chance to order an ice-cream, in French, and it was a pleasure to see our students enjoying France, speaking the language and experiencing the culture.  



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