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'Paving the Way' has won a Judges' Award

Posted on: November 4th 2016

Paving the way thank youLocal community energy project ‘Paving the Way’ has won a Judges’ Award from the M&S Energy Community Energy Fund

Amery Hill School’s ‘Paving the Way’ project has won the Judges’ Award in a national renewable community energy project competition run by M&S Energy.

Whilst the majority of winners are selected via a public vote, ‘Paving the Way’ was one of two groups to be awarded the prestigious judges’ prize. The panel of judges consisted of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (Writer & Broadcaster), Sir Ed Davey (Chairman of Mongoose Energy & Former Secretary of State for DECC), Giles Bristow (Director at Forum for the Future) and Morven Smith (Head of Community Investment at SSE).

Paving the way NewsheadThe project involves installing ‘Pavegen’ floor tiles, in the ICT corridor which will generate electricity from students’ footsteps. The installation will enable students and staff to engage with a tangible, renewable energy solution and will help them recognise the opportunities for an innovative off-grid energy technology within high footfall areas, regardless of the weather.

Talking on BBC Radio Surrey, Project Owner, Mrs Amanda Denton, commented “Amery Hill School is really excited to have won the judges’ award as it will not only help to educate our students on the benefits of green technology but those of our local primary schools and the wider community. A massive thank you to everyone who voted for us.”

The energy harnessed and converted from student and staff footsteps using the ‘Pavegen’ tiles is an innovative and effective renewable energy source. Not only does the system harvest energy but the tiles are fitted with wireless technology which will provide detailed real-time feedback on the power generated. The energy harvested can be used to power low-voltage local applications and we plan to use this to light the ICT corridor.

The judging panel were impressed by school’s approach to embracing new technology: “The Amery Hill School project is one of the most innovative projects in the competition this year. The judges quickly agreed on awarding this project once they saw the great video made by the students of Amery Hill School. The judges were impressed that a new form of technology had been proposed, but mostly were excited by the prospect of the whole school getting involved to power the school through just their footsteps.”

Sir Ed Davey said, “It’s been an absolute pleasure to be involved in the judging panel for the M&S Energy Community Energy Fund.  All the winners will make a real difference to their local communities, made possible through this fund. The level of community support during the voting stages is a clear confirmation that community energy is thriving and communities around Great Britain want and need it – more so at this time of uncertainty in the community energy field. The judge’s prizes were for stand out projects, presenting some unique and innovative ways to think about energy saving.” 

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Amery Hill students turn reporters for the day
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Amery Hill students turn reporters for the day

Amery Hill School hosted its fourth annual BBC School Report event this month, with 30 students experiencing what it is like to be a journalist for the day. The students worked in small groups and had the chance to research some interesting topics as well as learn the techniques of constructing and conducting a good interview. The reports covered a variety of topics, from the serious issues of a lack of diversity in the media and stereotypes about specific groups of people, to a more humorous representation of Donald Trump and his leadership style.  Speaking about the day, student reporter Alisha Frost said “For the fourth year in a row, this exciting day was planned and led by Mrs Winch, Head of Media Studies. To give us a real feel for what it would be like to work for a newspaper, live BBC news reports were actively displayed during the time, adding to the experience.” Students had the chance to develop their journalism skills, carrying out research, interviews and filming during the course of the day. Alisha added, “It was a fun day filled with exciting experiences for all!  On a personal note, I feel privileged to have taken part in this amazing opportunity for three years in a row and hope it continues for many more years to come.” Many of the students are core members of the school’s reporting team and have been instrumental in launching the student newspaper, ‘The Amery Quill’. We are looking forward to the next edition of their thought-provoking newspaper which will feature their articles and interviews from the BBC School Report Day. Click here to visit our BBC School ReportView Article