The Green Year Prom arrival at Amery Hill details

The Green Year Prom will take place on 28th June 2017 at Froyle Park

As in previous years, there will be the opportunity for students to 'arrive in style' to Amery Hill School in/on a vehicle of choice. Our site team will steward vehicles into the tennis courts to drop off the students and then out of the grounds to avoid congestion.

The school gates will be opened from 5pm for spectators to gather and vehicles will be welcome to enter between 5:15 and 6pm.

Spectators/ Parents should note that limited parking will be available in the front car park but other than this, we would suggest that they use the nearby public car parks in town and walk to the school grounds.

Students will then be ushered towards the coaches which will leave by 18:30 to drive directly to Froyle Park.

Parents are encouraged to collect more than one student at a time from Froyle Park between 10:30-11pm. There will be a parking steward at Froyle Park who will radio the main venue so that students can be called when their lifts arrive.