Our Building Projects

Science Refurbishment

With work due to begin on the refurbishment of one of our Science labs during February half term, we would like to express our sincere thanks to donors to the Amery Hill School Trust, past and present, for supporting this project.

Science 5 is one of our oldest Science rooms and is in need of attention to make it into a modern, welcoming teaching space that will help to inspire students about the study of science. All of the old furniture will be stripped out (including the wood panelling and roller blackboards!) and the room layout will be changed to meet the requirements of teaching today’s Science curriculum. This is an exciting development and a significant investment for the benefit of all our students. 

When students return to school, the room will have been transformed into a light, fresh, uncluttered and welcoming teaching space.  The new desks will all be equipped with an integral gas supply and electrical sockets, allowing all students to participate in practical lessons and develop their interest and curiosity in different scientific disciplines.

We are incredibly grateful to the generous contribution from the Amery Hill Trust, which has allowed this project to take place.  Funds allowing, we hope to continue the refurbishment of the Science Department later this year. If you would like to make a donation to the School Trust, please visit our School Trust page on this website or use the link below. Thank you!

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Dining Hall and Kitchen Facilities

After years of planning it has been a pleasure to open our new Dining Hall and kitchen facilities to our ever-increasing number of students.  Visually, it is a striking building, with floor-to-ceiling windows making up a lot of the outside walls and as well as providing dining facilities, the room has been designed to be multi-functional, with adaptable lighting and an integrated projection and sound system installed.

A significant proportion of the funding came from the Department for Education, Healthy Pupils Capital Fund, as they recognised how the school’s application was based on the school’s philosophy of developing the whole child.  The new dining facilities will help to boost both the physical and mental wellbeing of students, by allowing them to use meal times as an opportunity to share, be social and digest food calmly. This development would not have been possible without financial contributions from The Eggar's Trust, Caterlink and Hampshire County Council and the work of Scope Architecture and building contractors Mountjoy.

The opening of the Dining Hall and Kitchen marks the completion of the first phase in an ambitious building programme for Amery Hill, which will over the next few years see the creation of a multi-functional performance space, including a new auditorium as well as Drama and Dance studios.Bottom leafsmll

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