English: secondary

Key stages: KS3 and KS4
Description: all children’s audiobooks are available for free while schools are closed.
Registration: not required

Audible Website - click here 

English Mastery
Key stages: KS3
Description: downloadable resource books providing 12 weeks of activities covering writing and poetry.
Registration: not required

English Mastery Website - click here

English and Media Centre
Key stages: KS3 and KS4
Description: downloadable resources covering a range of texts for key stage 3. GCSE resources are categorised by examination board.
Registration: not required

English and Media Centre Website - click here

Pobble 365
Key stages: KS3 and KS4
Description: a new image is published each day as a basis for creative writing. Story starters, questions and drawing ideas are provided
Registration: not required

Pobble 365 Website - click here

Poetry by Heart
Key stages: KS3 and KS4
Description: A wide selection of poetry covering different topics.
Registration: not required to view poems, but it is required to access teaching resources

Poetry by Heart Website - click here

Key stages: KS4
Description: a range of downloadable resources covering the GCSE curriculum, categorised by examination board.
Registration: not required

Seneca Website - click here

The Children’s Poetry Archive
Key stages: KS3 and KS4
Description: an archive of spoken poetry recordings. Students can listen to poems being read aloud.
Registration: not required

The Children’s Poetry Archive Website - click here

The Day newsletter
Key stages: KS3, KS4 and KS5
Description: a daily newsletter for parents and carers at home with children, helping to enrich learning with real-world knowledge and skills.
Registration: is required

The Day newsletter Website - click here

Amery Hill Students
You do not need to register for The Day as the school has a subscription click on the link below and login with your VLE username and password (which is the same as your network one) When logged into the Freeman Library go to Section 5 - THE DAY and follow instructions.

The Day Newsletter via AHS VLE - click here