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Weekly Parential Bulletin - 19th March, 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

So, a year ago this very evening the country was notified of the impending lockdown and school closures that would start the following Monday. Whilst I have used our end of term newsletter to add my reflections on this last year, I feel today marks an important milestone for us all where it is important to recognise the seismic changes that have occurred in all our lives over the past twelve months.

That is why as we look to the future, we remember the lessons of the last year and the responsibility that we all must share in ensuring our community remains as safe as possible. As we wind down our mass testing of students and staff (almost 3000 to date), with Years 11 and 9 finishing next week, the onus of responsibility will be handed over to you, to ensure your child(ren) continue to test at home every Sunday and Wednesday evenings. The sharing of those results is key with both the NHS and the school to ensure we can all remain as safe as possible, that our students can continue to learn uninterrupted without the need of isolation and that your families with more vulnerable adults can remain safe while they await their vaccination.

Next week I will try and provide you with some figures on how the home testing is going, so please ensure you report your results each time using the links above.

Kind regards
Mr Mann