Live Lesson Guidance

To ensure students and staff can manage the workload of learning from home we have a blend of live learning and independent learning. What this entails is that approximately over a two week period each subject teacher will deliver 50% of the lessons in the ‘live’ format and 50% will be provided so students can work independently. Using their Google Classroom, students will find details about their lessons for the day - either live lessons or independent learning tasks. It is left up to individual teachers to decide when live lessons should take place as it is dependent on where they are within the context of the program of study. This also allows for staff to share a variety of other learning platforms with students that will ensure their learning experience is varied.

Your son/daughter will need sign in to their school Google Workspace and navigate to their Google Classroom each morning before 8.45am and from there follow the links to their individual subject classes.  Here they will find details about their lessons for the day - either live lessons or independent learning tasks.

Lessons are 45 minutes long and will start promptly following the normal school timings.

Times of the day
Live Tutor time 8.45-8.55am
Period 1 - 9.10am
Period 2 - 10.00am
Break - 10.50am
Period 3 - 11.15am
Period 4 - 12.05pm
Lunch - 12.55pm
Period 5 - 1.20pm
Period 6 - 2.10pm

Protocols for virtual live lessons are as follows:

  • Students should remember that all the normal school rules apply when they are learning online.  If these are not followed, school sanctions will be applied and parent/carers informed.  Students may be removed from the virtual classroom if not adhering to the rules.
  • There should be no recording of lessons or photos taken by anyone learning from home.
  • Live lessons are recorded only by the teacher for safeguarding reasons and any inappropriate behaviour is therefore recorded.

During live lessons students should:

  • Have their virtual lesson in an environment that is quiet, safe and free from distractions (e.g. music, television, phones, other devices) but preferably in a common area of their house (whenever possible this should not be in a student’s bedroom.)
  • Arrive promptly to the lesson and stay focused for the full duration.
  • Turn their microphone and camera off at all times during the lesson unless directed by the teacher to speak (teachers will have their microphone and camera on.)
  • The chat function should only be used to ask questions of the teacher.
  • Make notes and complete tasks at home as directed by the teacher during the lesson.
  • Interact patiently and respectfully with their teachers and peers.


Feedback to students regarding their independent learning will be provided through Google Classroom by their teachers.

In the section below you will find help sheets on logging into school Google Workspace, Google Classroom and joining live lessons in Google Meet.

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