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Welcome to Amery Hill

Thank you for your interest in Amery Hill School.

At Amery Hill we:
• Provide Academic Excellence,
• Offer a Holistic and Caring approach to education, and
• Make School Enjoyable – if students enjoy school they are keener to attend and learn.

These three approaches combine to form our long term goal for all our students. That is to provide them with an "Education for Life". When students leave Amery Hill we aim to have helped them achieve not just the very best exam results that they can, but also be well rounded individuals ready to take on the world.

Mrs E. Wylie, Headteacher


Latest News

9th May 2015
DofE Weekend Walk

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Upcoming Events

25th-29th May - Half Term

1st Jun - Back to school

2nd/4th Jun - Yr9 Summer
- Maths Papers 1 & 2

8th-10th Jun- Yr8 Science
visit to Selborne
(over 3 days)

9th Jun - Junior Maths

14th Jun - DofE Bronze
Day Walk

15th Jun - Yr7 English
Indian Dancers visit

17th Jun - Yr7 Reports

10th Jun - Yr7 Consultation
Evening - 4-7pm

19th-21st Jun - Yr10 Science
visit to Cern

22nd Jun - Yr10 Exams begin

23rd Jun - School Closes

23rd Jun - Open Evening

26th Jun - Yr 11 Leavers
Ball - from 6pm

Amery Gallery