English is so much more than a subject at school and the title of two of students GCSE grades; it is the foundation of how they are going to develop and thrive in the modern world. At Amery Hill, we aim to give students a positive experience of English through:

  • speaking skills: preparing them for many difference purposes and for many different audiences
  • their reading of new texts and the classics in all genres
  • the development of their writing in different forms, for a myriad of reasons with specific outcomes. 

KS3 Curriculum

Students at Amery Hill follow the KS3 curriculum map between Years 7 and 9. KS3 provision ensures that students experience all genres of English in multi-modal forms. We assess work for either: speaking, reading or writing every term. The students are also tested regularly during the year. All work is kept in a folder and all marks and comments are recorded in a student friendly format in the front of their exercise books. Students also follow a separate reading programme, conducted in fortnightly library lessons, which aims to broaden and deepen their reading diet and skills. Students follow a separate literacy programme in our “May the Fourth be with You” lessons; these are designed to teach specific literacy skills and are the first quality teaching element of the school’s literacy policy. Finally for KS3, we teach “Let’s Think in English”; these lessons have been proven to dramatically accelerate cognitive ability and a student’s capabilities for independent learning.

GCSE Study

GCSE provision is provided by AQA for English Literature and Edexcel for English Language. As you have no doubt heard in the press, these are a much harder and more taxing GCSEs.  There is greater emphasis on wider reading; closed book, more challenging texts and the ability of the student to integrate their cultural knowledge into their analysis of texts.  At the end of these courses students will be awarded a grade 1 – 9, with 9 being the highest: 99 – 100% of the total points.