The Music Department prides itself on providing outstanding teaching whilst evolving to incorporate new technologies and access to high quality resources. We are a highly resourced department which includes our Indonesian Gamelan and Caribbean Steel Pan sets along with two teaching sets of Mac Books with Sibelius 6-7.5, Garage Band and Logic.

Enthusiasm is the key word. Students are given many opportunities to learn through a range of activities based on performing, composing and listening. Our aims in the music department are to offer excellent teaching and enrichment opportunities to ensure that all students are able to enjoy, be creative and are keen to participate in the music activities of offer.

KS3 Curriculum

Music lessons during Years 7-9 are taught in mixed ability groups and concentrate on the main elements of music: performance, composition and listening and appraising. A variety of topics are explored which develops students' understanding of music through practical tasks and their skills in performing, composing and listening and appraisal. 

Year 7 Topics: African Drumming, Spirituals, Indian Music and Samba
Year 8 Topics: Ground Bass, Gamelan, Minimalism and Open composition
Year 9 Topics: Ground Bass, Blues, Film Music

GCSE Study

In GCSE Music, students are required to explore performance and composition as part of their course and will be required to offer the exam board a solo performance, ensemble performance and two compositions. Current students' compositions are based on the areas chosen for study (currently we look at Ground Bass from Area of Study 1 and Experimental / Minimalist from Area of Study 2).  Students commencing the GCSE course in September 2016 will have a composition set by the examining board.

Students are also required to learn an anthology of pieces.  These are currently Handel, Schoenberg, Buckley and Capercaille for example, which they will be examined on in the summer term at the end of the course. With the change of specification, the anthology includes pieces such as Defying Gravity from Wicked, Bach Brandenburg Concerto as well as John Williams’ Theme from Star Wars.

Students are asked to reflect in the exam on contrasts and dictation apart from the general listening examples based on the studies. All students are encouraged to have lessons on their instrument or voice. We also expect attendance to extra-curricular activities to support their learning. We have a wide extra-curricular programme encouraging students to lead and mentor as well as attend themselves.

Instrumental Teaching
Amery Hill School offer instrumental/vocal lessons for all students wishing to participate.  The lessons are provided by Hampshire Music Service and are currently offered as individual or group lessons. Instruments offered are:

Strings - Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass
Guitar - Electric, acoustic and bass
Drum kit
Brass - Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Baritone, Euphonium and Tuba
Woodwind - Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon
Piano / Keyboard