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Stubbs Farm 40th Year

Posted on: April 8th 2022

HeadersmalcowlThe traditional annual Year 7 Geography visit to Stubbs Farm returned this March with the latest group of students doing a half-day tour of the farm.

The last time Amery had visited was March 2020 and only days before the first national Covid lockdown was announced. Returning this time Mr. Stephens was reminiscing about how long Amery Hill had been visiting his family farm and let it slip that this was our 40th year! A long tradition that we hope to keep going.

As usual Mr. Stephens was very generous with his time, meeting every group in the winter cattle sheds where he patiently explained to the children about the beef cattle kept on the farm, their feeding, conditions, age, weight, breeds and even how much they can sell for. With our school being in such a rural setting the students were very keen to listen to how our food is produced even if a few admitted that they were not meat eaters.

The walk around the rest of the farm really showed of its size and organisation plus stunning views of the beautiful Hampshire countryside. The wooded area was made more interesting this year with a few extra trees down after Storm Eunice and a few startled pheasants!

The students will be using the notes that they made on the day to write this up as their next assessed piece of Year 7 work.


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