Student Voice

The aim of Student Voice in Amery Hill is to empower our students to express their views and opinions on their own educational journey. It provides them with a platform to reflect on and improve the school experience for the whole Amery Hill community and beyond.  Following a rigorous application and interview process at the end of the summer term, we have appointed six ambassadors from each year group.

Student Ambassadors are already hard at work and have been involved in the formation of the House Championship and have been working towards the “Your Voice” Exhibition. The 24 Ambassadors form our Student Parliament along with our Head and Deputy Head Boys and Girls. The parliament can meet as a whole or in KS3 and KS4 groups depending on the stage of discussions. They are constantly bringing new and varied ideas to the table and we continue to enjoy their enthusiasm.

We look forward to continuing the hard work throughout the coming academic year and will look at environmental issues both within the school and in the local area. As part of our Parliament Week activities in November the students will be able to put their questions to Mr Damien Hinds MP. The Year 10 and 11 Ambassadors will be working closely with next year’s Year 7 students and involving them in all Student Voice initiatives before we appoint six ambassadors from the year group in the Spring Term.