School Uniform Code

Equality Statement
Amery Hill School's Uniform Code does not contain reference to gender and the uniform prescribed is designed to be worn by any/all students regardless of gender.

Uniform ensures equality of students as appropriate in a school learning environment and therefore is not negotiable.

Uniform standards are high at Amery Hill School and our Uniform Code is inclusive, de-gendered and smart. Parents are expected to ensure that students arrive at school in the correct uniform and that on the rare occasion where for medical reasons the uniform cannot be adhered to, then a note is provided clearly explaining any temporary change from this code.

Parents choose our school because of its high standards so we make no excuses in enforcing this code to uphold the values we share with our parents and students in this area.

We have a strict uniform policy for the simple reason that it enables every child to attend school in an equal and fair way. By maintaining this expectation we ensure that appearance does not advantage or disadvantage any child based on fashion choice, socio-economic wealth or body shape/size.

We strongly believe that this basic equality is a fundamental right of children in education and that this is vital to a caring and safe learning environment. 

Value for money
The school believes that our uniform policy and suppliers should offer value for money and that the cost of uniform should never be a barrier to a child attending the school. Therefore, the school will ensure the following:

  • There is more than one supplier available for the majority of the uniform requirements to provide both competitive pricing and convenience.
  • Uniform costs and durability are balanced to ensure good value for money.
  • The school has a system for collecting and storing donated uniform items that are previously worn but in good condition that can be accessed by families who need this, free of charge.
  • The school will help families with financial assistance, where appropriate and as needed, when cost is a barrier to their child attending school and meeting our uniform expectations. This can be discussed and agreed on a case by case basis.
  • The basic school uniform only has very minimal branding and colour ranges to ensure that suitable alternatives can be found in high street stores whilst still meeting our codes.
  • The basic school uniform is suitable for the whole year and no summer/winter uniform is required.
  • No specific requirements of coats or bags other than they are suitable for school and the carrying of books/kit.


Uniform Information

The Amery Hill School uniform and PE Kit is available from:

15 Church Street, 
RG21 7QG 
01256 817284 

Skoolkit offer an online service please use the following link.

Skoolkit online service

We offer a second-hand uniform service (subject to availability), details are available from the School Office.

Please note that fashionable hairstyles are often considered inappropriate and unacceptable in school.