At Amery Hill School we aim to empower our students to achieve their potential, raise aspirations and provide meaningful encounters with employees and employers. Our Careers Programme is devised to ensure we deliver an ‘Education for Life.’

For more information about our Careers Programme please see the ‘Careers-Programme-Overview’.

Our Careers Programme aims to:

  • To raise aspirations in respect of career options

  • To raise awareness of, and develop, employability skills

  • To support the school’s aim for students to follow courses and programmes which are appropriate to their longer term needs and aspirations

  • To improve transition of students from school to adult and working life

  • To increase access and choice for students

  • To improve educational standards through improving motivation and attainment for students.

Our Careers Programme provides our students with:

  • Planned activities that use the working world as a context for learning

  • Activities which are part of our broad and balanced curriculum

  • Careers education and guidance which will help provide an insight into factors which can inform career choice

  • The opportunity to learn about the world of work and to be better prepared for the transition from education and training to work

  • The opportunity to improve interpersonal skills, presentation skills, self-confidence, taking risks, collaboration and taking on responsibility

  • The opportunity to take an active part in their career learning.

Programme Overview

A range of specific activities are planned strategically and delivered at appropriate moments during a young person’s time at Amery Hill. Most of this will be part of our ‘Education for Life’ curriculum where careers education begins in Year 7 and then opportunities grow and develop through ‘Education for Life’ enrichment activities right up to Year 11.

The impact of the Careers Programme will be measured through a variety of methods, including student, staff and parents surveys and the information relating to careers education published on the school website is reviewed annually in July.  To see an overview of the types of activities offered please click on the Careers Programme Overview document.

Information for Employers

At Amery Hill we are committed to providing our young people with every opportunity to access the world of work and, with this in mind, we welcome employers, industry representatives and training providers to make contact with us to support our students in their journey to employability.  To find out about the types of activities you could be involved with please get in touch by contacting Luke Millard at

Information for Parents

All young people at Amery Hill will receive information about careers during their time at the school.  We will provide opportunities for them to develop life skills and core competencies that employers value by enabling them to take part in employment and enterprise events and activities. To find out how you can support young people with careers and employability please read the Information for Parents document below. To find out more about the local labour market including the sectors that currently employ the most people and those that are growing in this region please read the Local Labour Market Information document below. There are many additional sources of careers advice.

Information for Teachers

In order to prepare our students for their next step, teachers will focus on providing opportunities for them to develop employability and life skills, such as confidence, creativity and communication skills. Teachers will draw students’ attention to the skills they are acquiring and make links between specific subjects and employment, for example – students prepare for presentations to a live audience in their English lessons in both Year 9 and Year 10.  Teachers will extend the learning of young people outside of the classroom in order to help them to understand what the true purpose of their learning is (not just to pass exams!).

Information for Students

Your teachers will work with you to help you develop the skills you need for life and employment.  You will receive information about placements and work opportunities and will meet people from the world of work, who could help you to acquire the skills needed to be successful in work.

Amery Hill School is committed to help you to realise your potential, so you can do what you love when you leave school. To find out how you can become more employable after education please read the Information for Students document below. There are many additional sources of careers advice.  To find more information please read the Labour Market Information and Guidance for All document below.


This page is accessible for all, including young people, and will be updated regularly with useful and up to date information and careers resources. They are currently exploring further ways of providing information and will be posting bite sized careers related videos very soon.

Careers Support From Experts

EBP South is our registered careers service provider; based in Basingstoke they provide career guidance, to all KS4 students. During Years 10 and 11, students will be offered two discreet and individual appointments to consider college applications, apprenticeships, university options and the life of work after school.


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