Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision

Amery Hill School - Education for life.

  • We aim to prepare every student with the skills, qualities and resilience to succeed in an ever changing world.   
  • We believe in challenging all our students to better themselves and aspire to be the very best that they can be.
  • We wish for all students to care and respect all other individuals, regardless of disability, gender, race, culture, religion or sexuality.

Our Values

At Amery Hill School we seek to educate the whole person, through our core values of Opportunity, Care and Progress. We want each child to flourish academically and to realise their potential. This is enabled by an excellent education, a broad and balanced curriculum, with a rich variety of experiences that extend beyond the classroom.

We want our whole community of learners to model core virtues in their lives by being kind and caring in all they do. We expect our students to be wisdom seeking, to work hard together and to treat themselves and others with dignity and respect in all situations. Their learning is life transforming and is one that equips them for the future world. Together, we achieve success through Opportunity, Care and Progress.

Our Aims

Outstanding extra-curricular opportunities
To offer a broad variety of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities allowing our students to explore and develop their social, sporting and cultural interests.  To ensure our extensive programme of activities encourages self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and positive engagement.

Excellent academic progress for all
To provide a supportive and inspiring learning environment, developing our students as independent and collaborative learners.  To build on our proven track record of academic excellence and strive to continuously improve the performance of all our students.

Exceptional pastoral care
To provide a safe and supportive environment where all students are encouraged to achieve their best personally, socially and academically.  To promote the values of respect, responsibility, independence, awareness and tolerance.  To work in partnership with parents and our local community to provide the best for our Bottom leafsmllstudents.