Physical Education

The Physical Education (PE) programme aims to support the ethos of the school in educating students for life, creating well-rounded individuals ready to overcome any challenges they may face after leaving Amery Hill School. Students follow a programme of study intended to help develop physical, social and moral well-being.  Students are offered a wide and varied curriculum covering many different activities. These include football, rugby, hockey, netball, badminton, basketball, volleyball, orienteering, gymnastics, dance, cricket, tennis, athletics and rounders. Within PE, we also provide the opportunity for students to take on different roles; coaching and teaching, umpiring and scoring and evaluating their own and others performance.  The PE staff have a range of experiences across a number of sports which allows the department to differentiate activities, allowing students of all abilities to achieve and reach their full potential in sport.

KS3 Curriculum

Students receive two lessons of core PE a week from Year 7 which continues through to Year 11. Year 7 PE lessons are taught in pre-determined groups, while Year 8 and 9 students are taught in ability-based groups. Activities change every four weeks throughout the academic year. Lessons focus on increasing knowledge of rules and regulations, improving a range of skills in isolation and in adapted and full versions of the game and understanding and employing tactics. Students are encouraged to work both independently and in small groups to demonstrate and develop good teamwork, leadership and co-operation skills.

KS4 Curriculum

In Years 10 and 11, whilst having high expectations of students' behaviour and setting challenging and stimulating lesson objectives, we aim to make lessons as enjoyable as possible by offering a range of pathways that students can opt to follow depending on their interests and abilities. 

Examined Courses (GCSE Physical Education and BTEC Sport)

Students are given the opportunity to take an ‘Examined PE course’ as part of their Year 8 Foundation Option choices. Following this, they can then opt for either GCSE PE or the BTEC Tech Award in Sport as part of their Year 9 Options choices. These options are in addition to core PE (detailed above) which is compulsory for all students.

GCSE PE consists of both practical skills and theoretical knowledge being tested. Students will be assessed within three practical activities, they will complete one piece of coursework and sit two final theory exams.

BTEC Sport consists of mainly assignment-based learning and assessment. Students sit one external on-demand exam (students can sit when ready) in Year 11 for one of the modules covered.

In addition, we also offer GCSE Dance with the Foundation Options and Year 9 Options pathways. This course consists of both practical dance skills and theoretical knowledge being tested. Students will be assessed as a solo performer as part of a group dance and also on their choreography skills. They will also sit a final theory exam towards the end of the course (Dance Appreciation).


All students are also regularly encouraged to further their interests in PE by attending extra-curricular clubs. We offer a varied extra-curricular programme, aiming to offer something for everyone. Clubs range from competitive to recreational and team sports to individual activities. Sports clubs run after school on every day (except Wednesdays), and we also have breakfast clubs that run on two mornings a week. If there is enough demand for any new/additional clubs, we will do our best to provide these.

As a school we encourage students to continue participating in clubs outside of school and to attend trials for higher level sport where appropriate. We are incredibly proud of many of our students who have represented the school, district, county and even at a national level in a range of sports.