What is Computing and why is it important? Computing in education is all about teaching our students valuable knowledge and skills around computing and communications devices, the software that operates them, applications that run on them and systems that are built with them.

The subject tries to address how the technology works. How students use it productively. How it is deployed, assembled, managed and maintained to create productive systems. How it is used in specific business and industry settings. What are the underlying science and technologies behind it and how it might be developed to advance ICT fields?

Computing can be complex and is constantly changing. It is so pervasive in the modern world that everyone has some understanding of it, but those understandings can be often wildly divergent.

KS3 Curriculum

At Amery Hill we offer a wide range of choice for students to experience numerous software packages during their study at Key Stage 3. Our main objective is to offer as much fun, challenge and variety using the latest technology available to keep the students enthused and to encourage progression. Students combine IT, digital literacy and computer science in an exciting and engaging way. They are taught how to develop a computer game, present information, code in two different text-based languages (HTML and python), create advanced spreadsheets and learn how a computer stores data. Each year students build on their programming skills and the challenge gets bigger. Students at KS3 thrive in the Computing Department as they complete each of their projects.

GCSE Study

Students who choose to study Computing at GCSE follow the OCR Computer Science course. They learn about computer systems including data representation networks and ICT issues. They also study algorithms and writing complex programs. Students are encouraged to ‘think hard’ as they solve complex programs and challenges. Bottom leafsmll