Attendance & Punctuality

The Education Act 1996, Section 7, makes it clear that it is the duty of parents to ensure that their children attend school regularly.

Why is attendance to schools so important?

  • Regular attendance at school means that students can make the most of their education, improving their opportunities later in life.
  • Regular attendance helps students develop their social skills such as making and maintaining friendships.
  • Establishing a habit of regular and punctual attendance will help a student when they enter the world of work.
  • Research has shown a clear link between good attendance at school and the quality of the qualifications that students achieve. At Amery Hill School, attendance below 96% has a significant impact upon GCSE outcomes.

What is good attendance?

  • At Amery Hill School our aim is to get all students in school every day. We want all students to aim for 100% attendance.
  • Attendance of 96% and above is very good.

Please be aware that we become concerned if your child’s attendance falls below 95%. Parents/ carers will be informed when attendance falls to this point and further communication and monitoring will take place.

  • Attendance below 90% is considered ‘persistent absenteeism’

If your child is absent from school, please email stating your child’s name and tutor group in the subject line. Please continue to notify us every day that your child is absent so that we can keep accurate records. Please also use this email to notify us in advance of any upcoming appointments or to supply medical appointment letters. You can also call direct on 01420 81301

Authorised Absences

Absence will be authorised for:

  • Genuine sickness (accepted by the Headteacher)
  • Unavoidable medical/dental appointments (whenever possible made outside school hours)
  • Days of religious observation
  • Exceptional family circumstances (at the discretion of the Headteacher)
  • Formal exclusion from school

Unauthorised Absence

 Absence will not be authorised for:

  • Truancy
  • Lateness (without justified reason)
  • Looking after family members
  • Birthdays or other similar events
  • Family holidays during term time

Persistent Absence

When a student’s attendance falls below 95% the following actions will ensue:

  • Stage 1 – Letter/phone call from the school to notify parents that absence level has fallen below 95%
  • Stage 2 – Formal letter from school expressing our continued concern that a student’s attendance has not improved
  • Stage 3 – Formal letter requiring that a Parent/Guardian provides medical evidence to support absence related to illness and advising that absences will be unauthorised unless evidence is provided
  • Stage 4 – Parent/Guardians invited for a formal meeting at the school - Penalty Warning given.
  • Stage 5 – Formal letter to Parent/Guardians advising that a referral has been made to the Attendance Legal Panel or Fixed Penalty Notice given.

Progress Leaders will proactively make contact with parents/carers if attendance falls below 95% to alert them to this and discuss any issues or strategies that may be needed to help improve attendance.

At every stage it is imperative that Parent/Guardians ensure that there are good lines of communication with the school. The School will endeavour to support, advise and provide strategies for Parent/Guardians who are willing to engage.

If a student is persistently absent and the school’s efforts to effect an improvement have been unsuccessful, the matter will be referred to the Attendance Legal Panel, which may result in the Local Authority issuing Legal Sanctions which could result in a prosecution.

Our Pastoral team are here to support families with all aspects of attendance. If you wish to discuss how we can be of support, please contact us on or the absence line 01420 81301

Further information on School attendance and absence expectations can be found on the Gov.Uk site