GCSE Results

Amery Hill Exam Results 2019
Statement from the Headteacher

Amery Hill School is celebrating another year of academic success with students exceeding national progress expectations in the Progress 8 measure for the third consecutive year. Attainment for students is estimated to be within the top 20% of schools nationally this year, with high ability students making better progress than national expectations and the best progress for this group in the school since the Progress 8 measure was introduced.  15% of students achieved at least one Grade 9, a grade deemed to be more challenging than an A*, and 52% of students achieved at least one Grade 9-7 across their chosen GCSE courses. In addition, in the critical core subjects, 30% of students achieved a Grade 7 or higher in their English GCSE with success mirrored in the Maths department where 28% of students achieved this outcome. Equal success was seen at 9-4 (standard pass) 82% and 80% of students achieved this important milestone in English and Maths respectively.

Many students have excelled and achieved beyond expectation, proving that Amery Hill continues to strive for the best in every student.

Spectacular results were achieved by many but in particular the following students should be acknowledged for their tremendous application and efforts: Ethan Aspinwall, Isobel Austin, Olly Brice, Joanna Clifford, Catherine Goldie, Catherine Groom, Jonathan Hall, Ariana Hawkins, Joshua Hedley, Annaka Herrmann, Rachel Hughes, Charlotte Knight, Emily Micklefield, Kitty Moran, Isobel Vickery, James Way, Zac West and Eleanor Wood.

Much has been said in the media about the more rigorous and content driven GCSEs and the greater pressures that our students have had to manage over the last few years. It is therefore to their credit that the results achieved have demonstrated that with high quality teaching and a caring and supportive ethos, potential can be achieved and all of our students can move on to the next stage of their learning and education with confidence, passion and an excitement for the future.

As we look ahead, our priority remains to maintain and build upon the outstanding ethos that permeates throughout the school and ensuring with all the staff, that each student receives the highest quality of education. Along with all the staff and governors I would like to congratulate all our students and look forward to hearing about their many successes in the future.

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Overall progress and Attainment

Attainment 8 (Prov.) 50.5 The average attainment score students have achieved in their GCSEs – estimated to be in the top 20% nationally.
8 (Prov.)
0.03 A measure showing the progress students have made from their primary school starting points – this is estimated to be slightly above that seen nationally.
Entry %
55% The percentage of students entered for the challenging EBacc suite of qualifications (English, Maths, Science, a humanities subject and a language) This is expected to exceed the national average.
9-5 %
24% The percentage of students achieving the EBacc at a ‘strong’ pass. This is expected to be above the national average.
9-4 %
35% The percentage of students achieving the EBacc at a ‘standard’ pass. This is expected to be above the national average.


Overall English and Maths Results


Amery Hill School

National Comparison

English and Maths 9 – 4 (A*- C) 73%  
English and Maths 9 – 7 (A* - A) 17%  
English 9 – 4 (A*- C) 82% 62%
English 9 – 7 (A* - A) 30% 14%
Maths 9 – 4 (A*- C) 80% 60%
Maths 9 – 7 (A* - A) 28% 16%


Excellence in other areas of the curriculum

9 - 4 
(A*- C)

Amery Hill School

National Comparison

Art 83% 75%
Biology 96% 90%
Chemistry 93% 90%
Computing 90% 63%
Creative Media Studies  95% N/A
Geography 80% 65%
Food and Cookery 100% N/A
History 81% 64%
GCSE Media Studies                  80% 67%
Music 100% 76%
PE 83% 72%
Physics 95% 91%
Statistics 100% 73%
Spanish 100% 71%
Religious Studies 97% 72%

9 - 7
(A*- A)

Amery Hill School

National Comparison

Art 35% 23%
Creative Media Studies 25% N/A
Design and Technology 27% 19%
Geography 33% 24%
Food Preparation and Nutrition   22% 18%
Health and Fitness 27% N/A
History 38% 25%
GCSE Media Studies 40% 17%
Music 64% 32%
Religious Studies 68% 31%
Statistics 67% 20%