GCSE Results

Amery Hill Exam Results 2018

Amery Hill is celebrating its year on year success with another round of excellent GCSE results for its 2018 cohort. Many students have excelled and achieved beyond expectation, proving that Amery Hill strives for the best in every student.

The whole Amery Hill community is delighted and exceptionally proud of all of our students, with particular mention of Eleanor Austin, Marcie Crawford, Oliver Isaac, Sam Seymour, Lauren Swain and Ben Williams, all of whom achieved eight or more Level 8s and 9s, placing them within the top 3% of the best achievers nationally.  Over 20 students secured at least seven Level 7-9s which is an outstanding achievement.

Head Teacher, Stephen Mann, said ‘I am absolutely delighted that Amery Hill has yet again achieved another excellent set of GCSE results.  Even though this year saw the first set of new more rigorous and demanding GCSE exams for many subjects, the results show that the level of commitment and hard work shown by students and their teachers has culminated in them all having more choices and opportunities as they move into post 16 education.

As we look ahead, our priority remains to maintain and build upon the outstanding ethos that permeates throughout the school and ensuring with all the staff, that each student receives the highest quality of education. Along with all the staff and governors I would like to congratulate all our students and look forward to hearing about their many successes in the future.’

Following the publication of the Government’s secondary schools’ performance comparison tables, Amery Hill School has been ranked within the top 20 highest performing schools in Hampshire for the second consecutive year. Our Progress 8* score of 0.12 (up from 0.08 in 2017) demonstrates the outstanding quality of education that is being delivered day in and day out at Amery Hill. For more information and to compare these results with other schools, the Government’s secondary schools’ performance comparison tables can be accessed via the following link:

Department of Education School Performance tables

Overall English and Maths Results

  Amery Hill School National Comparison
English and Maths 9 – 4 (A*- C) 68.9% TBC
English and Maths 9 – 7 (A* - A) 12.8% TBC
English 9 – 4 (A*- C) 82.9% 62%
English 9 – 7 (A* - A) 28.7% 13.9%
Maths 9 – 4 (A*- C) 73.8% 59.7%
Maths 9 – 7 (A* - A) 23.8% 15.8%


Excellence in other areas of the curriculum

In 2018, results in EBacc subjects continue to be above national averages, with students making above expected progress from Key Stage 2 in this challenging suite of qualifications.

9 - 4
(A*- C)
Amery Hill School National Comparison
Biology 98.7% 89.2%
Chemistry 97.3% 89.7%
Physics 94.7% 90.6%
Geography 71.8% 64.6%
Computing 64.3% 61.4%
German 83.8% 75.1%
Spanish 100% 70.4%
DT Systems 89.5% -
BTEC Creative Media Studies 100% -
GCSE Media Studies 82.4% -
Music 87.5% 74.7%
Religious Studies 84.6% 71.8%


Headline Figures 2017 2018
Progress 8* +0.08 +0.12
Attainment 8 52.6 49.1

*Progress 8 Measure. This score shows how much progress students make between the end of Key Stage 2 and the end of Key Stage 4 (GCSE), compared to students across England who got similar results at the end of Key Stage 2. This is based on results in up to eight qualifications, which include English, maths, three English Baccalaureate qualifications including sciences, computer science, history, geography and languages, and three other additional approved qualifications.