Headteacher's Welcome

Steve Mann Sept21ws

A very warm welcome to Amery Hill School - a thriving and welcoming learning community which is proud to serve the town of Alton and its surrounding villages.

‘Pupils are proud to attend Amery Hill and are successful here.’ (OFSTED Feb. 2022)

Amery Hill is a very popular 11-16 fully inclusive secondary school where excellence and high aspirations permeate every aspect of school life.  Every student is valued as an individual and whatever their goals, staff are there to support, nurture and assist them along their journey to success.

The ‘iCare’ system encourages pupils to demonstrate independence, creativity, being active, resilience and empathy. Pupils relish the opportunity to apply these core attributes in all subjects.’ (OFSTED Feb. 2022)

The advantage of being a slightly smaller than average size school is that the Amery Hill community can shout with confidence that we know every student.  We provide exceptional care and support and tailor a curriculum that meets the needs of every student.  This means that everyone who joins Amery Hill School is provided with the highest quality of education, where their areas for development become strengths and where their strengths deliver exceptional performances.

Relationships between pupils and adults are strong. Pupils know there are staff at the school who would listen to them and help them if needed.’  (OFSTED Feb. 2022)

In the right environment every student can succeed.  We provide a learning environment where students are encouraged to take chances, where challenge is seen as a learning opportunity and where resilience and tenacity are rewarded as personal targets are achieved.

Confucius wrote – ‘I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.’

At Amery Hill School we believe learning does not stop on exiting the classroom and staff offer a varied enrichment programme which is second to none.  Whether a student’s interests lie on a sports field or stage; creating beautiful works of art or wonderful stories and poetry; wanting to investigate the next scientific theory or build the next revolutionary piece of technology, Amery Hill will have a club to cater for their interests.  The opportunities to learn also extend in a vast range of school visits and trips.  We are very fortunate that in recent times our students have had the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and understanding of major world events by travelling both within the UK and internationally. 

‘Pupils relish the range of opportunities to take on extra responsibility. There is a plethora of extra-curricular clubs that they can chose to attend, ranging from running club before school to training to be a librarian or joining eco-club. Many opportunities exist to represent the school in sports and there is a thriving school orchestra.’  (OFSTED Feb. 2022)

However, words on a page are just words and to really experience the wonderful Amery Hill School community, you need to step through the doors and witness at first hand the truly inspiring learning community that exists here. 

I am extremely proud of our school and would be delighted to show you in person all it has to offer.

Mr S Mann