Additional support for students with SEND and shielding students

Students with EHCPs are able to access in-school support or remote learning support depending on their preference. Our teaching assistants are allocated to support both live lessons and independent study where needed and our team will check in regularly with families to ensure well-being and appropriate academic support is in place. We continue to liaise, where needed, with outside agencies and local authority support to ensure that EHCP students can continue to learn as effectively as possible and are safeguarded appropriately. Upon returning to school, a range of measures will be in place to ensure the health and safety of students and staff whilst still providing classroom support and therapeutic work that is provided for our students e.g. physiotherapy

For students on the SEN Support register (SEN K), teachers have considered in their planning of live lessons and independent work how this may be differentiated to meet the needs of all students in the class. If a student is struggling with engagement in learning or to access the academic content of the lesson please get in touch with us via so we can try to support you.  

If students are shielding due to being extremely clinically vulnerable, our remote learning package during a lockdown period will provide a comprehensive learning programme. This will include live lessons and independent tasks. If students are unable to come to school due to being extremely clinically vulnerable, we would ask parents to contact us at the school so that we are able to work with you to provide a suitable education package. Bottom leafsmll