Student Support

The Student Support Department supports students throughout their time at Amery Hill with their emotional needs. We have a strong pastoral structure within school where relevant information is shared between members of staff, as necessary, to support each student. We will hold meetings with parents and students to encourage good links between home and school, so that we can work effectively together to ensure the best outcome for each student in our care.

When students join us in Year 7 they are children and by the time they leave us in Year 11 they are young men and women. During their time at secondary school they go through a huge period of adjustment. They are undergoing hormonal changes and at the same time have to deal with the pressures of learning and exams.

In addition to this, events in their everyday lives, such as bereavement, break up of family due to divorce and separation, illness within the family can add to the pressures of growing up and some of our students will benefit from additional support. We will work with each student individually to assess their needs and then signpost them to the appropriate support. We have two counsellors and a listener who come into school on a weekly basis and we have an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) who is in school all the time. In addition we often call on outside agencies for support, these include:

School Nursing Service for health and emotional issues

CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) for mental health issues

Youth First who support with anger and anxiety management and Solution Focussed Therapy

‘It’s a Rapp’ who support victims of relationship abuse

Children’s Services who support troubled families and provide Child Protection

Early Help Hub who also support families having difficulties

Alton Buckle also provide family support

The Bridges Project who support victims of domestic abuse

Catch 22 who provide drugs counselling

The Willow Team FRANKIE who provide counselling for victims of rape and sexual exploitation

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