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Big Quiz Night a success

Posted on: July 12th 2019

Quiz NightnhLes Quizerables  Winning TeamnhAfter the success of the inaugural Big Quiz Night at Amery Hill School earlier this year, Treloar’s were delighted to host round two and welcome over 100 attendees to their campus in Holybourne last Friday.

Amery Hill’s Deputy Head, Mr Gibbs, took control as Quiz Master, keeping guests engaged and entertained throughout.  He fired through 10 rounds of quiz questions ranging from musicals to geography, ‘in the

news’ and an infamously popular SATs round. Guests also enjoyed the dingbats and chocolate bar picture rounds.  It was a close battle for first place with the Amery Hill ‘Guvs’ seeming the likely victors… but the winners?  For the second time in a row and keeping their champion title, huge congratulations to the unstoppable Les Quizerables!

Whilst the audience enjoyed an evening of trivia they also helped raise funds for both Amery Hill and Treloar’s for upcoming projects.  The Friends of Amery Hill School kept guests well refreshed with a well-stocked bar and Treloar’s ran a raffle. In total the evening raised an incredible £1000!  

Thank you to everyone who helped support, whether attending or through the provision of a raffle prize.

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Amery Hill School backs campaign #Laptops2Schools
Posted on: 18/03/2020

Amery Hill School backs campaign #Laptops2Schools

“Out of a disaster we can all do something to ensure students don’t suffer unnecessarily.” Those were the words of Ms Lindsey Parslow, chief executive of Business2Schools, which has this week launched a campaign to benefit school children and parents affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The aim of the Laptops2Schools initiative is to get businesses to donate laptops that school children can take home if the schools close or pupils have to self-isolate. Ms Parslow said: “If families have to self-isolate children will need to log into their school’s intranet to complete their lessons and homework. “Most families do not have enough computers for everyone in a household to have access at the same time. Priority will be given to the people in the family that are working. “This will be disastrous for education. Schools are so short of laptops anyway. So if businesses could help us it will mean teachers and children at home can have a laptop sent to them if they need it.” Alton based secondary school Amery Hill is supporting the campaign, having worked successfully with Business2Schools in the past. Headteacher, Mr Steve Mann said, “Self-isolation and imminent school closures are presenting parents, students and the education sector as a whole with unprecedented challenges.  Most schools are not in the position where they can provide spare laptops to students attempting to study remotely and the concern is that students from poorer families might become even more disadvantaged. Any help that businesses can provide to support this initiative will have a significant impact on the education of our young people.” Ms Parslow added: “If businesses can help by donating or by reaching out on social media we can get this off the ground very quickly. Time is not on our side if schools close.” So far, London-based company EFG Private Bank and ESRI UK, in Aylesbury, have donated £6,000 and 57 laptops respectively. Business2Schools is raising funds to afford hard drives and chargers, in case they do not come with the laptops. To donate, visit  Just Giving - click hereView Article