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House System Unveiled

Posted on: July 23rd 2021

The new house system has officially been launched and the final preparations are underway to commence the first House Championship in September.

HousesThere have been some significant changes, moving from the seven-form system to eight forms per year for Years 7 to 10 to accommodate the house system. Excitement, and some trepidation always come with change, but the house system and Championship will form a key thread in the fabric of the Amery Hill School experience.  Close friends are kept together, but the reshuffle opens the doors to working with new people. Now students will be able to pull together as a team both within and across year groups to win the first House Championship, sharing wisdom between the year groups and reach out with greater extent into the community, showcasing the very best of how Amery Hill educates all students for life.

Thank you to all staff, students and parents who contributed ideas for the house theme and names.  

The chosen theme and names, not only allows us to pay homage to one of the country’s all time greatest literary figures, of immense local significance, but it seems most fitting that our staff and students should indeed be housed in figurative houses. What fine houses they are: Hartfield. Mansfield. Northanger. Pemberley.

What will each of our houses become known for? Which house will win the Sports Day title for the first time?  Which houses will be home to our greatest artists, future leaders, scientists and engineers, prodigious humanitarians, globetrotters, jetsetters and entrepreneurs? Which house will be the first to reach out into the local community? Which will haul the most house points demonstrating the biggest drive for their collective futures? Who will be our first House Captains leading their houses to victory of the first House Cup? All this lay before us, and in September we get to turn the handle on the door of each house and begin discovering just what is inside.

More details in our summer term newsletter - click here.


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Rights Respecting School Award
Posted on: 9/04/2022

Rights Respecting School Award

In December we announced that we had begun our journey to become a school which is committed to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and were working towards the first stage of the RRSA accreditation with Unicef UK.  I am excited to announce that since then, we have achieved our Bronze Award which means that we are a ‘Rights Committed’ school.  This means that we have demonstrated our school’s commitment and shown how we intend to become rights respecting. The next step is working towards the Silver Award and being ‘Rights Aware’, which will involve the school’s activities and work on rights respecting being inspected by a UNICEF RRSA Professional Adviser. Our initial survey of students and staff last term appraised our strengths and current position and helped with our action plan for the Silver ‘Rights Aware’ Award which has been developed in consultation with our Student Voice Ambassadors and other staff members. We have also introduced the Rights of the Child in assemblies across all year groups explaining how and why our decision to becoming a Rights Respecting School is so important. A summary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child can be found here. Sharing knowledge with our students  to help them learn about their rights and putting them into practice every day is fundamental to the award. As a school we already arrange events and facilitate discussions relating to the Convention, and will continue to raise the awareness of this within lessons, tutor time and in the day-to-day life of our school.  The crisis which has unfolded in Ukraine, with devastating outcomes for so many people, including children, who have been forced to uproot their lives, make dangerous journeys and seek safety where they can, has been one topic discussed with students and incorporated into assemblies for all year groups. Article 38 (War and Armed Conflicts) of the Convention states that “Governments must not allow children under the age of 15 to take part in war or join the armed forces. Governments must do everything they can to protect and care for children affected by war and armed conflicts.”  This, and the war in Ukraine, has been discussed in a variety of supportive ways with students as part of our RRSA and EfL activities. Students have also been able to contribute to a campaign promoted by the English Department which involves providing support for children displaced as a result of the conflict.  View Article