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Amery Hill Prom - a dazzling evening

Posted on: June 26th 2019

Img 7613newsheadWhat a wonderful event. On Wednesday 26 June, Amery Hill School's outgoing Year 11 students shared a dazzling Prom evening together. It was a sheer delight for tutors, teachers and school leaders to see the student’s final incarnation as dazzling, confident young adults. We are grateful to Alton College for hosting students' arrival in their weird and wonderful vehicles for the event this year and to Froyle Park, which provided a beautiful backdrop for what was a stunning evening. It was a colourful, joyous celebration of the Year Group's five years together, and a great way for the students to let their hair down after their tough month of GCSE exams. Talking about the event, Progress Leader, Mr Jules Gibson, commented “The arrangements for the evening were led by the Student Prom Committee, who organised the event like a team of professionals! There were emotional goodbyes at the end of the night, as we said a fond farewell to the 'Class of 2019' but wish them much success as they spread their wings and take on the next chapters in their lives.They had a fantastic evening and it is definitely one they will remember.”

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If students would like the original copies of their photos please contact Mrs Rose in the ICT office.


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Generations connect through art and kindness
Posted on: 14/05/2020

Generations connect through art and kindness

Since it was announced that schools would be closed for a number of weeks, students at Amery Hill School expressed an interest to be able to help their community, especially those who are vulnerable. Year 8 students had already been forging a relationship with care homes across Alton as part of the ‘Access All Ages’ lottery funded project before the current crisis hit. As schools closed their doors to the majority of students, Miss Rachel Stobbart, Head of Religious Studies at Amery Hill School contacted a number of residential homes and care providers in Alton and asked if their residents might like to receive correspondence from our students. Talking about the project, Miss Stobbart, commented, “We had an overwhelmingly positive response and our students were encouraged to send a letter, poem, story or piece of artwork to a resident living in a care home or being looked after by a care provider. Even if each of us wrote just one note to let someone know we are thinking of them, what a huge difference that could make. Students across all year groups have participated and we have had some lovely feedback from grateful residents.” An incredible number of pieces of artwork have been created, with over 200 pieces alone being sent off by students in Years 7-9.  Zoe Swan, a student in Year 10, painted and wrote a card for the residents of Borovere Residential Care Home. Zoe (photo above) was delighted to have received a wonderful letter of thanks from Borovere resident Mrs Janet Egan. Amery Hill’s Head of Art, Miss Sarah Burrell added “We are incredibly proud of our students. Their kindness, thoughtfulness and creative talent has brought a smile to many people’s faces, including our own. It has been such a rewarding and uplifting project.” Another student Beth Turk sent this message and artwork to Brendoncare’s residents. Hello, my name is Beth Turk, and I am a student at Amery Hill School. I wanted to share with you my newest art project inspired by the work of the artist Emily Blincoe. I took old and new nuts, bolts and washers from my garage. The old ones are all from a 1965 Triumph motor bike that my dad and I are restoring. I designed the picture to have an ombre effect, with the old in the lower left corner going up to the new in the upper right corner. To me it represents how we are all going through quarantine and the coronavirus situation together, and how both the older and newer (younger) people are both at risk, but are working together to help each other out.  My family and I are thinking of you at this time.View Article