Design &Technology

During Design and Technology lessons students will be encouraged to explore how the world we live in relies on our ability to turn ideas into reality. We are surrounded by the products of Design and Technology; from the vehicles we use to get to school and the computers we use, to the food we produce in our kitchens.

To maximise students learning potential we encourage them to get involved at every opportunity, providing a hands on experience. Through Design and Technology students will witness ideas come to life and will also participate in the creation and evaluation of the products.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

During Years 7-9 students will be introduced to four main disciplines where they will be supported and encouraged to develop their understanding of product design, creation and evaluation. Students will work on four units per year and will have the opportunity to make a range of products under the guidance of specialist teachers in the following areas:

  • Resistant Materials – students will develop skills in working with wood, metal and plastics
  • Food Technology – skills will be developed in food preparation and cooking through focused practical tasks. Students will study nutrition, healthy eating guidelines and food safety and hygiene
  • Textiles - students will study fibres and fabrics, properties and decorative techniques and will develop skills in the construction of textile items
  • Electronic and Control Systems – students will develop an understanding of electronics and circuit construction

At the end of Year 8 students will be given the opportunity to focus on two of these areas in Year 9 in preparation for more in-depth GCSE study.

GCSE Study

GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition - this GCSE course is largely a practical subject.  There is an emphasis on improving practical cookery skills to make high quality, appetising dishes as well as learning about nutrition, healthy eating, food safety and hygiene, food science and food provenance.

NCFE Food & Cookery (Level 2) – this is a vocational course equivalent to a GCSE qualification. It is a practical cookery course with an emphasis on skills and techniques to make a variety of recipes and dishes as well as the study of hygiene and safety, nutrition, healthy eating and balanced diets.

GCSE Resistant Materials – this course provides the opportunity for students to develop skills working with wood, metal and plastics in a variety of creative situations. Project management skills are also developed which are applicable to many other subject areas.

GCSE Electronic Products – this is aimed at students with a particular ability in mathematics and science. The course provides the opportunity to bring together the theoretic knowledge of physics with product design in a creative and practical way, which is directly related to modern technology. Students will learn about components, electronics, materials, sustainability and SMART materials as well as the control systems needed in commercial production.


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